Welcome to Warwick Maths Society

Supporting Maths Students at Warwick

Warwick Maths Society is the academic society for anyone with an interest in mathematics at the University of Warwick. The society runs weekly academic talks and socials, offers academic support through weekly Maths Cafe events, organises revision lectures and much, much more!

What does WMS do?

Academic Support

The society is here to support students during their mathematics degrees at Warwick. Every Wednesday, the society's Academic Support Officers run Maths Cafe and provide help with understanding course content alongside a free buffet lunch. Support is also provided through the society's mentoring scheme. 


WMS don't just cater for the academic side of university life. The society also runs a ton of social events, such as Circles, Board Games Nights, and much more! We also host annual events, such as the Summer BBQ and Maths Ball which you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Academic Talks

In order to provide insight into mathematics that isn't regularly introduced in the standard degree course, the society organises weekly talks provided by various guest speakers. Feel free to come along and broaden your horizons, and also help yourself to free pizza provided.

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