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The Warwick Maths Society elections are coming up in week 8, so apply by 5pm on the 22nd February in order to be in the running for one of our positions. The roles we're looking for are all displayed on this page below, with a brief list of each role's responsibilities. Apply using the link below:

  • In charge of the society.

  • Helps with any events that need an extra hand.

  • Organises any society collaborations.

  • Manages the Facebook post schedule.

Vice President
  • Updates and manages the event calendar.

  • Organises the annual maths tour.

  • Writes the weekly society emails.

  • Assists with coordinating the mentor scheme.

  • Manages the Facebook post schedule.

  • Manages the society budget.

  • Signs off any money request forms.

  • Approves spending for events and resources.

Social Secretaries (x2)

​Note: The society requires 2 social secretaries, who run as a pair. 

  • Organises a range of social events, including but not limited to:

    • Circling​ (includes running the circles)

    • Board Games Night

    • Annual Ball

    • Annual BBQ

Academic Events Coordinator
  • Organises the revision lectures.

  • Hosts various competitions, i.e. the Imperial Maths Competition.

  • Plans the MathsCon trip.

Academic Support (x2)

Notes: The society requires 2 academic support, who run as a pair.

            First years are advised not to apply for these roles. 

  • Organises and provides assistance at the weekly Maths Café.

Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer
  • Organises a weekly Coffee and Cake Break.

  • Organises the annual Ada Lovelace Day.

  • Coordinates the mentor scheme.

Publications Officer
  • Manages the website.

  • Creates, updates and distributes the revision guides.

  • Creates the Freshers Guide.

Talks Coordinator
  • Organises weekly academic talks.

Careers Officer
  • Organises collaborative events with sponsors.

  • Creates careers resources for the website.

Sports Officer
  • Coordinates with all of the society sports teams, including their socials, practices and budgets.

  • Manages the society sports Facebook page.

Postgraduate Officer
  • Seeks for greater visibility of the society among postgraduates.

  • Organises events relevant for postgraduates.

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