Welcome to the Warwick Maths Society Careers Hub

For all your post-degree needs.

This page will contain advice and links that will be beneficial to anyone looking for internships, graduate schemes or any career advice in general.


As time goes on, this part of the website will be populated with additional content associated with careers. To start with, we have made a blog which gives detailed advice on the typical parts of the job application process. The advice by itself by no means can get you a job, but applying some of the techniques included can really bolster your performance. You can access it via the dropdown button entitled "Careers" above. Or be lazy and click here.

I hope to include additional sections as time goes on, but for now enjoy the blog and see if you can get anything out of it.

If anything in this section seems wrong/stupid/inefficient, please email careers@warwickmaths.org . We like feedback :)

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