Meet the Exec

These are the people who coordinate everything that the society has to offer! I'm sure you'll come across these friendly faces at many of our events and around the maths department in general. Feel free to say hello!

John Joe "JJ" Toop-Rose

President - 3rd Year Maths

Can't keep hold of a Santa hat at POP! for more than 5 minutes.

“Sleep more than you party, party more than you work, and work as much as you can.”

Barney Cho

Secretary - 3rd Year Maths

Often found at T-Bar before even the bar staff.

“Remember that there is much more to life than your degree.”

Mya Krishna Kumar

Treasurer - 1st Year Maths

Is a committed vegan until the first mention of free pizza.

“Always try to be a little kinder than necessary - it takes no effort and you never know what someone is going through.”

Rene Jean-Marie

Social Secretary - 3rd Year Maths

Without outside intervention, reverts entirely into a nocturnal individual.

“Always remember it's important to be kind.”

Jay Popkin

Social Secretary - 3rd Year Maths

Once tried to run away with the circus on a night out.

“Kasbah Monday is better than Kasbah Friday.”

Sophie Battrick

Equal Opportunities Officer - 3rd Year Maths & Physics

Has only missed one POP! since starting uni (and that was the night before a 9:30am exam).

“You regret saying ‘yes’ to opportunities at uni a lot less often than you regret saying no, so throw yourself into everything you possibly can.”

Blaine van Rensburg

Academic Support - 3rd Year Maths

Once fell asleep cuddling a number theory textbook.

“Don't be afraid of hard questions; give them time and attention and they'll be nice to you.”

Gianni Prenol

Academic Support - 3rd Year Maths

Life goal is to crochet a hyperbolic plane to show to geese.

“It's a lot harder to learn from lectures if you aren't in them.”

Sam Sutherland

Academic Events Officer - 2nd Year Maths

Eats Kit Kat bars by just biting through the whole thing without breaking the fingers apart.

“Try and get in good habits from the start - it's easier to maintain a streak of going to all your lectures than to start again after skipping some.”

Sean Middlehurst

Communications Officer - 4th Year Maths

Thrice went to mainland Europe in 2019 solely to go on roller coasters.

“Don’t be scared to ask someone for help! Either they’ll help you or you’ll have solace in knowing you’re not the only one who’s confused.”

Ziad Fakhoury

Talks Coordinator - 2nd Year Maths & Physics

His saucepan also functions as his plate, bowl, and quite often his cup.

“Anyone who has ever done anything significant in their life doubted themselves at some point.”

Jonny Dowie

Careers Officer - 4th Year Maths

Has once consumed 4 pizzas simultaneously using just a mug.

“If you're reading this, Warwick probably haven't got rid of you, so that's alright I suppose.”

Lauren Worthey

Sports Officer - 4th Year Maths

Can juggle but only when there's a circus theme tune playing.

"It's never too late to start something new! University has loads of exciting opportunities, especially within sports clubs and societies so make use of it whilst you can!"

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