Mentoring Scheme

Note: The mentor scheme for the 2019/2020 academic year has now closed its signups. Look out at the start of the next academic year to sign up to the mentor scheme in the future!


As a society, we offer a student-run Mentoring Scheme! It is open and available to anyone who is new to the course, no matter what background they’re from. The jump to degree level Mathematics can be extremely difficult; many do struggle to cope with this leap initially. Not only that but the change in lifestyle as a result of moving to Warwick can feel daunting at times.

The aim for this mentoring scheme is to assist students with this transition by pairing them up with a student mentor whose role is to provide guidance throughout this period for the student. And the cost for this service? It’s completely free to anyone who is part of our society!

How to Apply: If you are at all interested in applying for the mentor scheme, then it is very quick and straight-forward to do so. Just fill in the online form below, which shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes:

Apply as a Mentor: If you’re a 2nd year (and above) and want to apply for a mentor position, then simply fill in the form linked below.

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