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The WMS teams do not require weekly training commitments, just attendance to matches, alongside team socials and joint socials throughout the term.


Maths SFC are proud to be the most successful society football team at the University of Warwick winning all three intramural leagues in the 2019/20 season, the first ever Warwick treble.  

Trials to join the team will be held in term 1
No weekly training
potential to play three times a week in the Wednesday league, Saturday league and Sunday league 

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Captain: George Burgess
Instagram: @maths_sfc


WMS Mixed Netball also had a successful 2019/20 season, reaching the quarter finals of the league and placing 5th overall. 

No trials To join the team
Mixed sport so everyone is welcome
No previous experience is required

Taster session in term 1, week 3
Optional training sessions during term time to improve skills
Attendance is not required to be a part of the team. 
Matches are every Saturday in the main intramural netball league.

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Captain: Ivy Calascione
Facebook: Warwick Maths Society Mixed Netball


WMS Basketball is a newly established team as of 2019, so become a trendsetter and leave your mark by joining us in our march to victory

No trials join the team
Mixed sport so everyone is welcome
No previous experience is required
No compulsory training
Matches run every Friday.

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Stay Tuned here or on the WMS Facebook Page
Basketball Facebook Group coming soon

Other Sports

As a loving society, we want our members to be able to enjoy whichever sport they like
If YOU are a passionate about a sport, or want to start a team, don’t hesitate to contact our (amazing!) sports officer