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This feature is designed primarily for anyone who wants to apply for internships or graduate schemes but has no idea where to begin. In this series we will take you through the various application stages, including some decent tips and things you definitely shouldn't do along the way.

Some of you may read this guide and think this is all really obvious. If that applies to you, then you're probably in a decent place and don't need any help from your local mathematics society. (But if you could click through the series to increase the reader count that would be great). This guide is intended to make the confused slightly less confused about the process.

Internships, what are they and what's the benefit?

Internships are short-term work experience placements usually taken in the summer after a student's penultimate year of university. Many employers have them as a way to recruit from within whilst giving university students real experience and skills which will be useful in future careers.

Why might applying for internships be a good thing to do?

  • Firstly, a good performance in an internship can lead to an offer straight onto a graduate scheme so you could go into your final year without having to think about applications.

  • If you are one of the many people who don't know what they want to do with their life, an internship is a way to test-drive a career to see if you really like it before dedicating a chunk of your life to it.

  • Earn some cash during summer

  • Give yourself skills and experiences to help with the interview process for graduate roles

The following blogs in this series will in turn focus on the various stages of most applications including a lot of advice to hopefully boost your chances of progressing through each one successfully.


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