Regular Events

Here you can explore what regular events the society has to offer throughout term-time. Dates and locations are updated for Term 2.

Maths Café

Every Wednesday, 2pm-4pm,
Maths UG Workroom

Every week, our Academic Support Officers, run a help café in the Undergraduate Workroom, in which anyone can feel free to come down with any problems they may be having with assignments and the like. There will also be a free buffet of bread, dips, crisps, drinks, etc. that anyone attending can enjoy.

Coffee and Cake Break

Weekly, times and dates may vary

Every week, our Equal Opportnities Officer runs a coffee afternoon to celebrate diversity in maths. Anyone can come down to enjoy free tea, coffee, and biscuits provided. Some coffee mornings may also feature a guest speaker, so stay alert to see what goes on each week.


Academic Talks

Every Tuesday, 6pm-7pm,
location may vary.

In order to provide insight into mathematics that isn't regularly introduced in the standard degree course, the society organises weekly talks provided by various guest speakers. Feel free to come along and broaden your horizons, and also help yourself to free pizza provided.


Next circle: Friday Week 6, Kelsey's.

Several times each term, our Social Secretaries run their Circles, which for those unfamiliar with Warwick's traditions, are sessions of fun and engaging drinking games in preparation for an enjoyable night out at POP or elsewhere. It's definitely worth giving a try.

Board Games Night

Twice a term, Thursdays 6pm-10pm,

Maths UG Workroom

Next event: Thursday Week 2.

As one of our key non-alcohol events, Board Games Night gives students the opportunity to put aside their assignments for a night and unwind with some great classics. Come down to play some games and indulge in the free pizza provided.

Revision Lectures

Term 3, dates and locations may vary.

To aid with the stress of revision, our Academic Events Officer organises lecturers and students to run revision lectures for a good range of maths modules in preparation for exams. These should be very helpful in consolidating your knowledge on each module, especially as most lectures cover individual problems that students are confused about.

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